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Go inside a podcast about all things that inspire. These talks go into building a business, examining life paths and creativity. We talk to business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, founders, engineers and more; exploring the tactical and strategic elements of various topics. A podcast by Daniel Kivatinos and Greg Wientjes.


Oct 28, 2017

Somni is a digital health company improving sleep through technology-enabled behavioral medicine. 
Matt Berg, the founder and CEO of Somni talks about how sleep affects us, sleep pods at work, how the Somni team went on tour with Arianna Huffington to talk about sleep to William C. Dement's book The Promise of Sleep, sleep debt, what is blue light and chronobiology, circadian rhythms, melatonin, f.lux, light blub colors, power napping, and other tips on getting better sleep.
Matt also gives some tips and insight into bootstrapping a startup.
Learn more about your sleep from Somni at
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