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All things that inspire. These talks go into building a business, examining life paths and creativity. We talk to business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, founders, engineers and more; exploring the tactical and strategic elements of various topics.

By Daniel Kivatinos and Greg Wientjes.


Oct 9, 2023

Ed Batista's Journey as an Executive Coach

Ed Batista is an executive coach and was an instructor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business[3]. He has spent years coaching senior leaders who are facing a series of challenges or seeking greater fulfillment in their role[1]. Coaching is a way of being with others that's accessible to everyone and is not exclusive to professional coaches[2]. Ed Batista is a prominent executive coach in Silicon Valley who counts technology company CEOs and leaders in various fields as his clients[4]. He writes regularly on issues related to leadership and management[3]. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in leadership[5]. In a podcast interview, he discussed the "Impulse to Hurry" hack, which is about slowing down and taking time to reflect[4].
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What is an Exec Coach?:
An executive coach is a trained professional who works with leaders and teams to help them improve their performance, develop leadership skills, and overcome obstacles to success[2][3]. They provide one-on-one or group sessions where they use thought-provoking discussions to guide and support clients through professional challenges and opportunities[2]. The goal of executive coaching is to enhance leadership skills, improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, expose blind spots, and change limiting behaviors and beliefs[2]. Executive coaches often come from diverse backgrounds and may have certifications from certifying bodies in the executive coaching industry[2]. They provide a safe and structured environment for clients to receive support and guidance[5]. Executive coaching is a client-driven process that is distinct from other service professions such as counseling, mentoring, consulting, and training[5]. The focus of executive coaching is on optimizing leadership performance and effectively managing overwhelm and stress[3].
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