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All things that inspire. These talks go into building a business, examining life paths and creativity. We talk to business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, founders, engineers and more; exploring the tactical and strategic elements of various topics.

By Daniel Kivatinos and Greg Wientjes.


Jan 2, 2021

Summit Series is an ideas festival and is designing experiences that connect and inspire a community of today's brightest leaders.
At Summit, there are 5 different ways that they have people connect, with Summit events including music, talks, culinary experiences, and philanthropic goals. Summit creates a cross-pollination of ideas and is a peer group. Jeremy talk's about the Summits culture of "Make no small plans" approach to building Summit and how that generosity breeds abundance. They aim to create authenticity and Jeremey and the Summit team are looking to have a community that helps leaders grow professionally and personally.
Jermey talks about the history of Summit, including the time's Bill Clinton, Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos attended.
Tony Hsieh gave the founders advice on how important culture was in the early days of Summit, asking the Summit founders questions like "Is there anyone here who you wouldn't invite back?".
Jeremy talks about how Summit bought a Mountain to create a home for the Summit community called Powder Mountain.
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