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ongrowth - all things that inspire.

All things that inspire. These talks go into building a business, examining life paths and creativity. We talk to business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, founders, engineers and more; exploring the tactical and strategic elements of various topics.

By Daniel Kivatinos and Greg Wientjes.


Oct 9, 2023

Dan Siroker CEO of 🧠

This is an interview with Dan Siroker.
Dan Siroker is an entrepreneur and founder of Optimizely, a company that enables businesses and organizations to make better data-driven decisions through website optimization[1]. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Rewind AI, a company that is...

Oct 9, 2023

Ed Batista's Journey as an Executive Coach

Ed Batista is an executive coach and was an instructor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business[3]. He has spent years coaching senior leaders who are facing a series of challenges or seeking greater fulfillment in their role[1]. Coaching is a way of being with others that's...